My journey continues...

Hello, my name is Ammar.
As a child I was introduced to the world mystics and divination through my mother.
Her ability to read my soul from the remains of coffee granules lying at the bottom of a cup amazed me.

Travelling through the turmoils of teenage years, the yearning for inner peace and wisdom, led me to the Tarot, which led to a self imposed exile.

Dedication and passion lasting over three decades has taken me to America, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

The cards go everywhere with me.

Working on Sky with GMTV and participating on UK Living’s Mystic Challenge crown my experience as one of the top readers in the United Kingdom.

A lot can happen in a day... give me an hour and I will change your outlook…

The journey continues… call me… my name is Ammar.

What you can expect

My readings have proven to be very accurate and I have had over 10,000 satisfied clients.

I am extremely proud of my record and this is testament to the skill that I proudly have.

My passion is to share my skill with clients all over the world.

If there is a specific issue that is troubling you or if you want a general reading, I would be honoured to do a reading for you.



Do you feel unconnected, unclear, and unsettled, so much so, that you can't hear yourself think?
Do you feel stressed and worried that you don't know when and how you will find inner peace and relaxation?
Are you at a major crossroad in your life, and no matter how hard you try to analyse the situation, you just don't know what decision to take?
Do you have relationship issues?
Do you want to have a more increased and expanded perspective of your life and the world around you?

The chances are that a tarot reading can help.


The Tarot is a superior self-awareness tool that shifts our thinking, gets us out of the mental loops we find ourselves in, and inspires us into action.
It will engage your mind in ways that will stop the chaotic thinking and wondrously put you in a more harmonious mental flow state.
It will alter your paradigm of thinking and will help you better understand your partners, friends and colleagues, giving you insight into what makes them tick and will help you to improve relationship dynamics.
It will tell you when it’s time to apply that little bit more effort to achieve some goal, or when you’re wasting your energy and tell you, “It’s time to walk away”.
It is ultimately, a unique predictive tool to help us analyse information to determine the most likely outcomes based on your current free-will choices


The Tarot is not a replacement for therapy, but rather, it is an enhancement to help you in your journey of life.
It is not a replacement for your spiritual relationship with your higher power, but rather, it helps to increase your connection to your higher power and the universe.
Sometimes, the Tarot will give you tough answers and decisions to take. Tarot can show you what you need to accept and it also points you towards what you can do…

Remember; everyone has a choice and we all write our own destiny through the actions we decide to take.


We are all born into light; allow me to illuminate your life a little more...


At times, life can throw you into turmoil.


Together we can clear the
confusion and chaos.


Be aware of the energy that
the universe is giving you.


Achieve balance in your life and become empowered.

The reading

My readings are friendly and exciting.
The reading is a 3-stage process;


This is the Consequence Spread which is my own personalised design where I use my own format.


The next stage that follows on is the Celtic Cross which is more predictive about the future.


The previous stage is used as a foundation for this stage which is the Question and Answer stage.




All the following testimonials are shown as I received them and they are displayed with the permission from those who sent them. If you want to include your message on the site, just let me know!

" JD (Wales)

The reading left me shocked. Everything that Ammar told me resonated deeply with my life at the moment. It was a deeply spiritual experience. Will definitely repeat it.

" Tyson (London, UK)

Ammar's unique and relaxed style was super. I had so many things happening in my life and this reading inspired me to choose... and succeed. Great one, Ammar :)

" Josie M (Canada)

My friend told me about Ammar and I'm glad she did. It's weird that so much can be known about me through these "awesome cards". Question and Answer part was fabulous.

" MK (England)

I was in a horrendous part of my life and things should have been good but just weren't. Couldn't understand it until I had an amazing Tarot reading!

" George (Australia)

This was my 3rd reading with Ammar and every time, he just delivers. A great service, as usual, and will definitely be recommending you to my friends.

" Sam (UK)

Well, well, well... I had a lovely time with Ammar and the session was unbelievably illuminating. By the way Ammar, your cat is gorgeous.


Do you want to learn how to become a Tarot reader?
It may be the case that you are a novice and have no knowledge of Tarot reading but are excited by the prospect of delving into the magical and wonderful world of Tarot reading…

Or it may be the case that you have some knowledge of Tarot reading but may be finding that with all your best efforts and hard work, you are finding it difficult to move forward to the next level of this journey.

In either case, I am available to help you increase your confidence and ability to move forward and develop to be the best Tarot reader you can be. I can show you how easy it can be to professionally read the Tarot and deepen your knowledge and skills and to discover or re-ignite your passion in Tarot.

Some teachers or guides will tell you that anyone can learn how to be a Tarot reader. This may be true to some extent because the ‘basic meanings’ of cards can be memorised parrot-fashion by virtually anyone; however, being a Tarot reader requires so much more than just knowing what the cards mean.

Many talented and aspiring think this way and then find that their readings fall far short of their hopes and expectations.

It becomes difficult because they may know, for example, what a card means, but they then have difficulty in connecting the cards, the ideas, the meanings, all together.

They fail to see the big picture being presented to them and they suddenly give up.

They lose confidence and give up on their ability all because they think, and believe, that they are not good enough. 

They will struggle to give an accurate Tarot reading even though they may be a potentially gifted Tarot reader.

The tools are there but they have not been taught how to use them; all they need is a guide to show them the way.

If this sounds familiar, then fear not. I can be the guide that will show you the way to be a successful Tarot reader. 

I can teach you, step by step, how to perceive the cards, to interpret them, to see the big picture and the small, and to integrate all of the necessary parts to create a successful Tarot reading.
Tarot reading can be exhilarating and I can make you become the experienced Tarot professional you have always wanted to be.

 of reading


£80 per hour

Readings are scheduled in advance and done in a Covid-friendly way.

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I can do corporate events so please contact me for further details.

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Face to face

£80 per hour

If you are in the London area, why not come in for a face-to-face reading?

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Tarot Lessons

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